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" I have found that Crown Moulding or molding is one of those things that everybody always wanted but either could not afford or never got the opportunity to do". Says finish carpenter and contractor Tal Sharabi. This notion led him to start San Diego Based "San Diego Molding Inc" - finish carpentry for all. Since 2005, San diego molding have installed crown molding and other magnificent trim in hundreds of homes. Home owners were always in Awww when we were done, they could not believe the impact that those molding pieces has done to their home. "It was a win win situation, On the one hand, no matter what, Homeowners were always happy when we were done. We on the other hand were happy as can be, to improve peoples life and make them feel great".

With that rewarding feeling and the passion for esthetic and home decor, I have started up CrownMoulding.net. Though crown molding is a big part of what we do, we strive to bring our passion and decor ideas to to people everywhere. CrownMoulding.net will feature more exciting decor items and innovations as we go and grow. Customers will always enjoy the personal touch and customer care of a family owned business along with a professional technical support from real technical filed carpenters and home renovators.

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Respectfully yours.

Tal Sharabi - Founder.